Operation Reports
Operation Reports

     TFMI total revenue in 2016 was NT$4.57 billion, with operating costs of NT$2.95 billion and operating expenses NT$1.02 billion, and after deducting non-operating expenditure of NT$2.46 million and income tax of NT$103.997 million, the net profit in 2016 derived at NT$490.13 million. Earnings per share before tax and after tax was NT$1.64 and NT$1.35 respectively. Overall business performance remains stable. We would like to thank our shareholders for their long-term support and our colleagues for their hard work.

     The overall profitability for 2016 Taiwan non-life insurance market was affected by the Tainan earthquake and multiple typhoons. Fortunately, with the properly arranged risk transfer scheme in place, the Company was able to maintain a steady profit for the year. As for market premiums, growth in auto insurance and liability insurance premiums were better than expected, contributing to overall market written premiums of NT$145.18 billion, representing a growth rate of 7.24%.

     Throughout the year of 2016, the Company continued to broadening and deepening each and every marketing channel, integrating diversified products, targeting niche markets, and improving customer service quality level. With our effort, our annual written premium revenue grew by 4.54% to NT$5.56 billion. Our market share of the residential fire insurance line continued to rank the top one in the industry. Furthermore, the Company was selected by the Taiwan Stock Exchange to be a constituent stock of the TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index. This was in recognition of our implementation of corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and corporate social responsibility. The Company continued to receive ratings of “A-/stable” and “twAA/stable” from S&P and Taiwan Ratings respectively.

     We have long responded to the government policy to promote microinsurance coverage to certain groups and establish a comprehensive social safety net. We have been awarded numerous times by the regulatory authorities for our efforts to promote such line of business. Meanwhile, as part of fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, we have worked with the Taiwan Fire & Marine Foundation to promote a drug-free environment in schools, made donations for the care of disadvantaged groups, organized arts and cultural events, as well as sponsoring health, finance and educational seminars, and sports activities.

     In view of 2017, the increasing profitability is foreseeable as several factors that are apparent in the current market, including: (1) the guidance provided by the regulatory authorities in the market, and the emphasis placed by the insurers on self-regulatory mechanisms; (2) new product developments, such as three-year health and personal accident insurance products, and UBI auto insurance product; (3) the expansion of the e-commerce market and financial technology development. In addition, the M&A activities in 2016 has resulted in new competitive dynamics in the coming year and led to changes in human resources demands and the business landscape.

  The Company will continue to maintain prudent operating principle and customer-oriented business philosophy, and at the same time, improving the corporate governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance. On the insurance front, we will continue to improve our business by strengthening strategic alliances, establish e-commerce marketing channels, develop diversified products, and increase customer service quality. Furthermore, on the investment side, we will continue to activate our assets to improve profitability. Our entire staff is and will continue to work together for a solid performance so as to express our thanks to our shareholders for their support.

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